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Originally from Portmore, Jamaica, Peeko moved to Brooklyn, NY with his family at the age of 9 in search of better opportunities. 

Although moving to Brooklyn was an adjustment, he found various ways to stay productive, while not allowing the violence surrounding him to affect his outlook on life. Not wanting to become a product of his environment, Peeko immersed himself in his art and his ability to dance as an outlet. Even as a youth, art was very much apart of him whether it be sketching, drawing or painting on anything he could get his hands on. 


In 2008, while attending a tattoo party, Peeko, wanting to know more about the craft began to ask the attending artist questions about the technique. It was at that party that he was given the opportunity to tattoo himself if and only if he could put the tattoo machine together unassisted. After successfully assembling the tattoo machine on his own, Peeko was allowed to tattoo himself and it was that day that a whole new world opened up in his eyes. Although Peeko was an artist he had never thought of tattooing as a career path because there was no one else around him from the same background or age group involved in the culture. Though his mentor moved away at the beginning of his apprenticeship Peeko continued to study the craft to perfect his technique on his own, teaching many others along the way.


Fast forward 14 years later to 2022 and Peeko is now a successful tattoo artist and the owner of Pyramid Ink Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY. 

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